It is a popular saying that ‘when the going gets tough only the tough get going’

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It is easy to work when it is working.

What happens when everything is not coming through as planned?

What happens when it feels like no one is paying attention to what you do?

What happens when it seems like everyone is on a fast track and you are lagging behind?

What happens when work is not working?

We go through this stage at some point in life.

Especially as entrepreneur it is almost inevitable.

There are times you question yourself, times you feel you are doing it all wrong.

Time you feel like abandoning that project for something new.

Yes we visit this phase from time to time.

How do we scale through?  How do we conquer this hurdle? How do we get our heads back in business?

How do we stay strong when there is no strength left?

The key is to stay ‘focused and motivated’.

Don’t wait for anyone to applaud you; there are few or no friends on the road to success.

Strive to get there.

You started it, you can complete it.

#DoNotQuit #KeepGoing

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‘Social media’

Sounds familiar?

How much time do you spend on social media?

What do you do on social media? Do you know you can boost your professional profile on social media?

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Social media is a community made of different platforms; Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp & many more.

Organizations use these platforms for their recruitment process and this can increase your career opportunities.

LinkedIn is relevant for all professionals.

You can build a professional LinkedIn profile and join groups that are relevant to the kind of role you are aspiring for.

Build connections and get ideas from others.

Twitter and Facebook are also useful in interacting with people and organizations.

Create a profile and follow companies or individuals that you would like to work for.

Do not spend your time online doing nothing, there are many activities on social media, we tell ourselves “well, I will spend half an hour” and end up spending more than an hour.

Spend the time boosting your professional profile instead

#ProfessionalProfile #InvestYourTime

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Thinking of what to invest in? Yeah you have the money, the question is; what will you invest in that is sure to generate profit?

A billion dollar question, yeah that’s for sure. Ever thought of the stock market?

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Investing in stock is a great way to make profit. You buy at a low price and sell at a higher rate in the future.

Like your everyday products, stocks go on sale from time to time.

When a stock is on sale it is said to be undervalued and this is the best time for purchase because stocks on sale have room to grow, making it easier to make profit.

It is a simple process; buy a stock while it is on sale (undervalued) then wait until it goes out of sale and sell yours at a higher price.

It may take a while though, but you are sure to make a huge profit after sale. Give it a try and thank me later.

#StockMarket #Investment

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Taxes, ugh!

Drives you crazy yeah? Me too! Tax is like an annoying ex that just won’t go away.

Annoying, like really annoying, but if we can’t avoid them we sure should learn more about them.

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Remember the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts of 2017?

Well, passing of the tax reform has triggered some changes; the standard deduction available for each filling status has increased significantly.

For those who filled as single or as married filing separately, your standard deduction has increased from $6350 to $12000.

And those who filled a joint return with spouse, the standard deduction have also increased from$12700 to $24000.

There is also a change for those who filed as Head of Household; the standard deduction on their tax returns has increased from $9350 to $18000

Note: if you filed as married filing separately and your spouse decides to itemize deductions on his or her return, then your standard deduction remains $0 as in previous years.

#TaxReform #StandardDeduction

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Week One

Principles of Saving

Often times you hear people say they just can’t save. Some persons actually try to but somehow they take a branch off and boom they are back to where it all started.

This week we will be learning some of the principles of saving. Interesting right? Yeah, let’s begin.

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  1. Estimate your expenses by tracking exactly where you are currently spending your money.
  2. Draft a budget which includes your sources of income, debt owed, living expenses and your savings.
  3. Endeavour to draft a budget that fits your lifestyle. Be realistic and don’t be too strict so you can live up to the plan.

Remember you don’t really need all you want.

Your wants are not essential, you can live without them. While planning your budget be sure to cut out all unnecessary spending so there will be an opportunity to save.

Get a notepad and write down every cent you spend and at the end of the month, week, and each day. This way you can tell the exact things that take up your hard-earned cash.

Life is just a game, we have to keep score!

Let’s take a break here. See you next week as we continue on the principles of saving. Have a fruitful week.🍑

#SaveMore #PrinciplesOfSaving

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We all have hopes and dreams that we wish to accomplish.

Sometimes they are too many that we lose sight of which to focus on.

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You started out motivated and full of hope but somewhere along the line you abandon it and pick up something new.

I am as guilty as anyone else on this.

The key to achieving any success is ‘Focus’. There are a lot of distractions along the way.

Some new ideas that try to convince you they are better.

It could be a friend’s business line that seem to be booming, and then we lose it, we lose our focus and pick up another.

Truth is, give it time, without motivation and focus you will see something new to pick up soon.


There are too many distractions pay no attention to them or you end up trying out everything.

A jack of all trades is a master of none.

Stay focused, become a master of that particular field. Persevere and at last you will succeed.

#StayFocused #MasterOfOne

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Is ‘good enough’ good enough for you?

A funny question yeah, but think about it, are you really satisfied with ‘good enough’?

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We live in a competitive environment where everyone is striving to be better.

However, over time we get comfortable with the way we execute plans, because it’s good enough to cross it out of our to-do list.

Sometimes we believe we have achieved the height of our greatness, because we have done it repeatedly and it’s good enough to proceed.

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Instead of fighting to be better we trap ourselves in the good enough standards.

Why settle for less when you can achieve more? Why settle for that monthly pay when you can earn more?

Why settle for that job when you can grow a business of yours? Why settle for good enough when you can be better?

Identify areas crucial to your career development and focus on them. Do not settle for good enough, focus on becoming better instead, and do not be discouraged when you don’t see an immediate result.

It takes a while to transit from ‘good enough’ to ‘being better’.

#Strive4More #BeBetter

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